Fortay Reeds

Founded in 2004 Fortay Oboe Reeds have built an impressive international reputation for producing some of the finest oboe reeds with the highest quality gouged and shaped cane available. All Fortay reeds are hand-crafted and are noted for high quality and consistency.

March 2022

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret that we have had to temporarily close our
on-line shop for the sale of reeds.

The status of existing customer orders is unaffected by this temporary suspension.

If you have particular special requirements for non-standard reeds you may contact us

Tel: 07917 097860
Postal Address : PO Box 2263, Gloucester GL3 9FU

You will still be able to purchase standard Fortay reeds from our UK distributors
(subject to stock availability)
Howarth Of London


Fortay Reeds

Fortay Cane & Blanks

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